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Tribute Band Manifesto

Be the artist you tribute

With experience both as a talent buyer and talent provider, here are the ideals toward which we strive and that we look for in partner tribute bands:

  • BE THE ARTIST YOU TRIBUTE: look, sing, play, walk, talk, dance like they do. Showing up in street clothes and "jamming" the songs makes you just another cover band.

  • IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU: Your “fans” aren’t really your fans. They're fans of the artist to which you pay tribute.

  • YOUR BAND IS A BUSINESS, unless you just play the garage for your buddies. Doing all the work and not putting money in your pocket means you’re doing it wrong.

  • ALWAYS PROVIDE VALUE to those with whom you are doing business. A smart business-person doesn’t go for the quick and easy buck at the expense of others.

  • HONOR YOUR AGREEMENTS. Blowing off a gig you already agreed to do for a “better” or higher paying one will bite you in the ass in the long run.

  • BE PROFESSIONAL. Your musicianship/stagecraft should be on par with that of the artist you tribute. Respect the the venue and show producers: be on time, with the agreed equipment, and follow their wishes in terms of production.

  • And most importantly, HAVE FUN! Love performing as the artist you tribute, fans of that artist will love to watch you, and venues will love to book you.

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