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Michael Reade

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Michael Reade is an American born actor and singer. Born in Indio California in 1967 he began his love of the stage in primary school acting and singing with groups and in solo roles.
Michael’s musical influences began with 1970’s am radio and his mother’s record collection where he appreciated many artists who were singers and song writers from a wide array of styles including rock, pop, country and gospel music.
Michael enjoyed performing with the choir at his family’s church and performed during Sunday service.
As a young child Michael enjoyed as most kids do imitating many of his favorite musical artists such as Elvis Presley and Kiss.
Michael would soon discover other hard rock acts including Ozzy Osbourne with Black Sabbath.
After graduating high school Michael started his first hard rock band in 1986 with a group of friends from school performing covers of Metallica, Megadeth and other hard rock classic acts and started writing and performing his own music.
Michael spent 5 years with a private vocal teacher working hard to be an accomplished vocalist as he had always admired.
In the early 2000s Michael started what would become Ozzmania with members of his then original rock band.
After many years and much effort Michael along with his band Ozzmania would perform for Mark Cuban and Ryan Seacrest to land a spot on the AXSTV show Worlds Greatest Tribute Bands, along side the shows host Katie Daryl the show was a huge success.
Noticed by national booking agents Ozzmania was soon playing throughout the United States performing for tens of thousands of people with acts that they never imagined playing with such as Slayer, Dokken and Drowning Pool just to mention a few.
Today Michael is enjoying to continue to perform with Ozzmania with no end in sight.

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