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Darlene Voesten

Darlynn Voesten fireplace.jpeg

Discovering her gift for music at the age of three, Southern California born Darlynn Voesten

never stopped chasing her passion to create and play music. From playing piano for her Jr. High

and High School choir and other musical productions, to joining in on her first Rock N Roll band

right out of high school, Darlynn has always had the drive to show the world, or just herself, how

the sound of her fingers hitting the ivory keys can be so expressive.

After being influenced early on by both classical and rock music (such as Queen, Kansas,

Emerson Lincoin Palmer, Stix, Toto, Stealy Dan, and Black Sabbith) her talents led her to

collaborate with a wide variety of musical endeavors. In the early 80s, Darlynn paid her dues like

any other striving musician by performing in the Los Angeles and Hollywood scene with original

bands such as Breta and the Beats, Da Bronx, and American Girls to name a few. Challenging

herself more and more, Darlynn strived to expand out of Top 40 into the country explosion of the

90s. In this time, Darlynn joined the group Roy Rodgers Jr. and the High Riders who then had

the opportunity to open for many great talents which include the likes of Stephen Stills, Asleep at

the Wheel, and Michael Martin Murphy. After her fill of playing for other bands, in the early

2000s she decided to set out on her own and start her own band Bubba Janster. For almost ten

years she called the shots, she picked the music, and she played her little heart out. After

deciding to settle down in 2010, her journey continued as she moved into the funk genre playing

for the all-girl recording artist Kly Maxx.

Recently, Darlynn, music in her heart and adventure in her soul, was able to travel the country

playing with some of the biggest tribute bands of her generation. She has played in tributes to

Bob Seager, Led Zeppelin and Heart, she has now come full circle to where her love for Black

Sabbith all began and has the pleasure of playing with the critically acclaimed Ozzmania.

For the last 50 years of pounding the ivories (well actually plastic keys) to Top 40, country,

classical, rock, and funk music, Darlynn has never stayed idle. This is only a small glimpse of

her musical journey that has yet to see an end.

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